Monday, November 11, 2013

Happy Veterans Day. Be sure to honor the veterans you know in your family and community today for their service to our country

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Angelina Ballerina Dance Academy

Angelina Ballerina Dance Academy classes are now offered at Academy of Fine Arts of Woodward! Academy of Fine Arts became a licensed school of the of Angelina Ballerina Academy in April of this year. "Being one of the first studios in the US to be licensed for the Angelina Ballerina classes was a great honor!" stated director Mary Myers.

Myers states that the classes are available for ages 3-41/2 and 41/2-6 years. If your child is 41/2 yrs, her staff will happily assist you in getting your young dancer into the correct class. Fall classes have started and there is still time to register. Registration can be in person or on line at

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Dairy Queen in Woodward

The Dairy Queen in Woodward has been a long standing business in the community and owned by the Vassar family. A newly done parking area makes for a great gathering place in early evening for a cold drink or ice cream cone. Take a moment to slow down and sit out front to watch traffic go by or remember the days of  "dragging Main". Like the last two businesses mentioned, you can check out the DQ Facebook page to find out about their specials.

Jewelry Station Facebook

A real treat that we just discovered is that the Jewelry Station has a Facebook page and are offering some very good specials and auctions right on the page! So if you are in the market for some nice looking items, you just might want to go to their page and "Friend" them so that you know when the next item is posted.

A Sweet Life

Have you visited the new candy store at 806 Main Street? If not, plan to drop in soon and see what all that they have. Besides candy, you can also purchase popcorn and gifts. Also check out their Facebook Page as well.

Parent's Night Out

Woodward Academy of Fine Arts at 609 Main Street is offering a Parent's Night Out this Friday, August 26th, from 6:00 pm-10:00 pm for children ages 3-10 years. Registration for the evening must be completed by Thursday August 25th 5:00 pm. Parents can enjoy an evening alone or with friends and have their children enjoy an evening of games, movies and fun for a fee. Parents can arrange for a pizza dinner for their child as well for only $3.00 more. Call 256-3262 for more information.

Woodward Schools Now In Session

Woodward schools are now in session and so we want to be sure to remind everyone to slow down in school zones and watch out for excited children coming and going. Good luck to eveyone this school year!